About The Product

It’s very effective Cold Relief Balm,remedy for Headache, Back Pain, Knee Pain and Cold. Further, our offered Pain Balm is thoroughly formulated using natural and tested ingredients that ensure to it’s optimum effectiveness.

  1. Relieves Headache
  2. Relieves Cold
  3. Relieves Low Backpain
  4. Relieves Bodypain
  5. Relieves Knee Joint pain
  6. Relieves Neckpain

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With A Perfect Blend Of Natural Essence

With the time tested and hygenic ingredients, we take utmost care in making Sastry Balm with it’s highest effectiveness.

  • Ajwan Ka Phool
  • Ganga Sindhuram
  • Lavanga Tailam
  • Guggilam Powder
  • Honey Wax
  • Pudina Satwa
  • Tarpent Tailam

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About The Product

Also we use hygienic techniques in the production, which make sure to result qualitative range of Sastry balm Pain Balm.

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Hygienic technique
Use of time tested ingredient
High efficacy of products
Economical prices.

It’s very effective Cold Relief Balm,remedy for Headache, Back Pain, Knee Pain and Cold. Further, our offered Pain Balm is thoroughly formulated using natural …